Eddie Radionov

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best. first. date. ever. 

Life is so fucking good right now. :)

Anonymous: Would you date a girl who wasn't necessarily "thin"

it just matters on how much i like  you. appearance isn’t everything. I’ve dated thick girls before because i liked who there actuallyy were

Hehehe, I’m actually so happy right now! I got a date! 

I’ve been really distant lately from any sort of opportunity for a relationship but I’m surprisingly really into this girl. She has a lot in common with me, she’s tall and she likes metal. 
Tomorrow is gonna be a good night :)

Anonymous: Do you mean you would like for a girl to be taller than you?

Well considering I am 6’2 and when i wear my combat boots I’m over 6’3 thats hard to find. but no i mean would prefer if a girl was at least 5’7. But if i like her and she’s a little short girl I won’t just throw her aside due to height.

Anonymous: What's your "type" ?

I don’t really have one. Just someone who is a decent human being i guess  and someone who is kinda taller.