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Im not a prick. I have a lot of fucking issues with what you did. You lied about a few guys. Right to my fucking face. Im allowed to be any. You can act like your this innocent girl all you fucking want but I’m done.
Im done with all these games. 
Im trying to live my life properly again.

You know what you have fun with your boy toys. I don’t even care. I have a festival I’m going to with someone and I can’t wait. I know I will never be happy with myself but at least I will have someone who is happy with me and I can be happy about them.

1 more thing, you said you love me but you don’t. I almost fucking died and you didn’t even ask to see how I’m doing still, the only reason you had a chance to talk to me was cause i stupidly stopped by your work.


Theres no running away from yourself. I just have accept that I’m miserable. No drugs can change it, no amount of sex, no amount of alcohol and no amount of changing your surroundings. You’re just stuck. 

I was so happy to be alive a few weeks ago when I got pulled out of the lake. I thought I was so fucking lucky, now I think it’s the opposite, it’s just some cruel joke. I don’t want to be around anymore, it would have been better if I just drowned. I just want to fucking jump off my balcony.

Anonymous said:

Just remember everything happens for a reason. You are still on this earth for a reason.

I know but sometimes I feel like maybe I was supposed to die. I don’t know i have some issues I need to work out. Thanks for the support though, it means so fucking much. And I really fuckinh mean it

I haven’t had an amazing night like I did last night. I have a really good feeling about you. So happy , so so soooo happy.

I wish I hAd just drowned. Life is good and then shir again. I can’t cope anymore.


Valium is blessed


You say “Darling am I a chore?”

I said I know you love me, I am loving you more


When my mom throws a family party